Successful Completion of a Large Order for 200,000 Brand Balls with a 25-Day Delivery Time

At Ningbo Yinzhou Shigao Sports Co.,LtD, we take pride in our expertise in producing and exporting various types of sports balls. Our product range includes Soccer ball series, Volleyball series, American football, Basketball, Football, and accessories such as pumps, needles, and nets. We are committed to providing high-quality customized sports equipment to our clients worldwide.

Recently, we received a challenging order for 200,000 brand balls with a delivery time of 25 days. This tight time limit, combined with the large quantity of the order, posed a significant challenge for our team. However, with meticulous planning and the seamless cooperation of various departments within our company, we were able to successfully complete the task within the stipulated time frame.

The specific product in question was a custom-designed Soccer ball made from TPU (mat) with a varnish finish to reduce slippage. The ball's appearance was matt, and it featured a bladder of size 5. Our client had specified a specific shade of blue for the TPU material, which was approved through lab-dips reference. Additionally, the surface of the TPU material had to be free of wrinkles, and the stitching had to be regular and minimal.

Furthermore, our client had requested a gold-colored logo to be printed on the ball, with specific instructions regarding the size and position. All these intricate details had to be meticulously followed to ensure that the end product met our client's exact specifications. Despite the complexities involved, our team's attention to detail and the smooth coordination between various departments ensured that the order was completed successfully and delivered within the agreed-upon timeframe. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet even the most challenging of demands.


Post time: Dec-15-2023
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