Our production process

Our factory has Soccer ball series , Volleyball series, American football, Basketball,Football, and Pump,Needle,Net etc., with the same quality, lower prices, the same price, and higher quality. In order to obtain a Widespread acceptance and Highly Commended by Customers in the market. We aren’t only put great effort into research and development, but also strictly check every procedure in the production process,detail oriented, and try our best to improve every link in the production process. From  raw material procurement, to production, quality inspection has a perfect management system. The production process needs to strict control the  raw material procurement, productive process, and packaging and other links. In procurement, We make perfection more perfect, every batch of raw materials should are strictly controlled, and strive for the best level and quality. Only by using high quality raw materials and optimized production technology, the football can achieve a stable flight line, appropriate elasticity.To produce high quality football. Quality is the core of the corporate culture.

Football production process ,Preparation of raw materials:
1. Leather: Most footballs use synthetic leather,also use PVC ,TPU and EVA etc. which are mixed and formed to support simulated leather.


2. Inner liner: It is the most inportant part of football, generally use rubber,polyurethane.

3. Others parts: sewing thread, winding thread, air nozzle, etc.

PS: Leather and rubber that we always by from famous brand at domestic and overseas. mass procurement can help us to obtain the advantages of economy and stability, To reduce manufacturing costs, improving the quality of product and our brand. For the others parts, we innsist on using famous barand.

Printing and packaging:
Printing : Heat transfer paper printed with various designes and brand logos, placed on the ball and subjected to high temperature treatment, than the pattern on the paper is transferred to the ball.


After that, thers are some series of quality detection: air pressure adjustment, weight detection, 24 hours air inspection, appearance detection, air pressure detection, weight detection, shape detection.


Packaging: Cartons are the most frequently used.

We use the best packaging for consumers to continue the spirit of football.

Post time: Jun-13-2023
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